Internet of thing Digital Thermometer DS18B20

I purchased this ic a long time ago. Never had any chance of using it. But now the this small itsy bitsy integrated circuit is sending data on the internet. You can check the link at It is connected on a custom gateway device. The ds18b20 can take power in two ways. The circuit […]

5V voltage regulator using 7805 | Complete Process

While making circuit a power source is the essential component. Power source can be made by different circuit. Here i used the most popular integrated circuit 7805. Which is a 5v voltage regulator. I made this schematic in KiCAD software. After this i made some print out. Drilled a few holes. As i do not […]

PCB Fabrication

Well after you have built your circuit. You need to realize that circuit to test or deploy.  Single Layer Non-Commercial PCB Fabrication Process Sequence Make Your Schematic in any EDA tool like KiCad, Eagle, Express PCB, Proteous.Note: These EDA tools are not inter compatible with each other so make sure to use the appropriate tools […]