7805 based power supply with Voltage and current protection

7805 linear voltage regulator is an inexpensive solution. But the ic doesnt include any form of protection. So, the voltage and current protection should be externally added. There is high chance of reversing the polarity if you dont keep which wire is what. I did the same mistake and blown the aluminium electrolytic capacitors with […]

5V voltage regulator using 7805 | Complete Process

While making circuit a power source is the essential component. Power source can be made by different circuit. Here i used the most popular integrated circuit 7805. Which is a 5v voltage regulator. I made this schematic in KiCAD software. After this i made some print out. Drilled a few holes. As i do not […]

2 axis stepper motor control

This two axis stepper motor control system uses attiny2313 microcontroller. And it utilities the l298 dual h bridge power ic in multiwatt 15 package. The code is easy to write. Dual power supply for the microcontroller and l298 allows for increased isolation. The circuit must use a transformer for the proper galvanic isolation. This is […]