PAL Composite video timing

India moved to DVB T2 in 2015. I always wanted to make a system which can project images on to the biggest screen i can get my hands on. So here are details.

PAL = Phase Alternate Line

total of 625 lines

Field one + Field two  = 625 lines

each field line consist of

[ vertical sync ] [ horizontal sync + active video ]x n

each scan line if of 64 micro second. (strict constraints don’t play with margins)

each 64 micrsecond line starts with

[Horizontal Sync = 4.7 us] [ color burst = 8us] [active data] [4 us of black level] = 64 us

This scan is done from the composite line of sony playstation 2. So i am taking this as a reference.

help is taken from here

Additional notes here

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