Internet of thing Digital Thermometer DS18B20

I purchased this ic a long time ago. Never had any chance of using it. But now the this small itsy bitsy integrated circuit is sending data on the internet.

You can check the link at

It is connected on a custom gateway device.

The ds18b20 can take power in two ways. The circuit that i made is using the parasite power.

This time i used clear nail pail paint over the copper trace.

ds182b20 interface schematic
ds182b20 interface schematic

printed circuit board is designed in KiCad open source EDA tool.


UPDATE : 14 September 2018

Using nail paint as a substitute for PCB lacquer is a cheap solution. It should be avoided when making a rugged PCB. If their is a lot a mechanical vibrations and stress, then the nail paint will chip away leading to oxidation.

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