Wifi signal strength indication using esp8266

This is a fun project. Rather a very simple project. I am using the RSSI level checking of the esp8266 chip to monitor the signal strength of the surrounding wi-fi signals.

There are very few applications that i can think using this.

  1. You can check where the wi-fi signal is strong in a public place and stand near it to enjoy your free wi-fi more comfortably.
  2. location finding using the signal strength. Well as you go near the object the signal will become stronger and hence location finding device.
  3. You can also use some pretty special algorithm and some positioning mathematics to triangulate the relative position of a particular station.



This is this simple one line of the code that you need to send to the esp8266 and the esp8266 will transmit the message from where you can use string manipulation to gather the information needed.


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