Name:             Abhay Kant
Mobile:          9999180269


  • Industrial Automation Using Internet of Things
    Remote monitoring and control of the industrial processes wirelessly using WiFi. Web Address :
  • Home Automation Using Bluetooth
    Low cost flexible and short range home automation system based on cell phone operated Bluetooth.
  • Website Project
    Domain name: .Developed for generating revenue through online advertisement.
  • DTMF based home Automation
    Control of home appliances using DTMF key tones of a cellular mobile phone
  • Ultrasonic Distance Meter
    Non-contact distance measurement using the ultrasonic transducer by calculating the time delay of the transmitted and received signal.


  • PLC and SCADA
    Company: Sofcon India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Design For Internet Of Things
    Institute: NPTEL Online Certification
  • Embedded System
    Company: CDC, HCL Learning Ltd.

Software Proficiency

Languages                    : C, C++, HTML, PHP, ASM
Packages                       : MS Office, Atmel Studio, MATLAB, KiCAD
Operating System         : Windows, Linux