FFT Analysis of 200Khz Square wave

Generated 200khz square wave with 50% duty cycle on atmega32. Code is written in assemble language. // Created: 9/7/2018 8:24:31 AM // Author : abhay .INCLUDE “M32ADEF.INC” //.MACRO INITSTACK LDI R16,HIGH(RAMEND) OUT SPH,R16 LDI R16,LOW(RAMEND) OUT SPL,R16 //.ENDMACRO // INITSTACK LDI R16,0X02 SBI DDRB,1 SBI DDRB,3 LDI R17,0 OUT PORTB,R17 BEGIN: RCALL DELAY EOR R17,R16 […]

Buzzer interfacing with atmega32

ASM Code for buzzer testing ; Created: 9/7/2018 8:24:31 AM ; Author : abhay ; .INCLUDE “M32ADEF.INC” .ORG 0 LDI R16,HIGH(RAMEND) OUT SPH,R16 LDI R16,LOW(RAMEND) OUT SPL,R16 BACK: LDI R16,0X01 OUT PORTD,R16 CALL DELAY LDI R16,0X00 ;COM R16 NOP OUT PORTD,R16 CALL DELAY call dfor RJMP BACK .ORG 0x300 DELAY: ;timing delay LDI R29,1 L4: […]

2 axis stepper motor control

This two axis stepper motor control system uses attiny2313 microcontroller. And it utilities the l298 dual h bridge power ic in multiwatt 15 package. The code is easy to write. Dual power supply for the microcontroller and l298 allows for increased isolation. The circuit must use a transformer for the proper galvanic isolation. This is […]

Shadiuno A Open-source electronic prototyping platform

Why limit yourself to the realm of arduino’s here is a new open-source electronic prototyping platform for the tinkers out there. It uses every thing open source. It is so open source you make your own. excpet for the chips. Designed exclusively for the atmega16 and atmega32. It can even be used with ardiuno. You […]

One Axis Stepper Motor Control

I was thinking of building a CNC machine. But because of lack of fund i can only design. This crude design does the job.  There is a high heat dissipation from both the voltage regulators. So a big heat sink must be used. Otherwise there is a high probability of thermal runaway. Test Code #define […]

Rewriting lfuse and hfuse of Atmel Atmega series

Atmel Atmega micro controller if set correctly will work fine. But when you tinker with its setting. Things get out of control. One such problem is when you set the wrong fuse setting of the device to use the external crystal oscillator. Connect the microcontroller with the USBASP programmer Open the command prompt Win+r write the […]