Wifi signal strength indication using esp8266

This is a fun project. Rather a very simple project. I am using the RSSI level checking of the esp8266 chip to monitor the signal strength of the surrounding wi-fi signals. There are very few applications that i can think using this. You can check where the wi-fi signal is strong in a public place and […]

3.3 volt receiver signal level Interface board for esp8266-01

In my previous attempt at designing this board here. It was good. But to make the pcb smaller. I redesigned the pcb, i shifted some component here and there. This PCB contains a 3.3v level shifter at the receiver pin. Here are the schematics and pcb layout. Etching time : 1 hour and 20 minutes […]

Interfacing board of esp8266 to 5V microcontroller

Esp8266 runs on 3.3V and most microcontrollers run on 5v . The voltage difference can cause problems in communication or in the worst case it can burnout the esp8266.  So to address this probelm i created this simple interfacing pcb. 3d rendering of interfacing pcb Schematics and PCB Layout