Wifi signal strength indication using esp8266

This is a fun project. Rather a very simple project. I am using the RSSI level checking of the esp8266 chip to monitor the signal strength of the surrounding wi-fi signals. There are very few applications that i can think using this. You can check where the wi-fi signal is strong in a public place and […]

FFT Analysis of 200Khz Square wave

Generated 200khz square wave with 50% duty cycle on atmega32. Code is written in assemble language. // Created: 9/7/2018 8:24:31 AM // Author : abhay .INCLUDE “M32ADEF.INC” //.MACRO INITSTACK LDI R16,HIGH(RAMEND) OUT SPH,R16 LDI R16,LOW(RAMEND) OUT SPL,R16 //.ENDMACRO // INITSTACK LDI R16,0X02 SBI DDRB,1 SBI DDRB,3 LDI R17,0 OUT PORTB,R17 BEGIN: RCALL DELAY EOR R17,R16 […]

Buzzer interfacing with atmega32

ASM Code for buzzer testing ; Created: 9/7/2018 8:24:31 AM ; Author : abhay ; .INCLUDE “M32ADEF.INC” .ORG 0 LDI R16,HIGH(RAMEND) OUT SPH,R16 LDI R16,LOW(RAMEND) OUT SPL,R16 BACK: LDI R16,0X01 OUT PORTD,R16 CALL DELAY LDI R16,0X00 ;COM R16 NOP OUT PORTD,R16 CALL DELAY call dfor RJMP BACK .ORG 0x300 DELAY: ;timing delay LDI R29,1 L4: […]

Internet of thing Digital Thermometer DS18B20

I purchased this ic a long time ago. Never had any chance of using it. But now the this small itsy bitsy integrated circuit is sending data on the internet. You can check the link at http://abhaykant.com/mtb It is connected on a custom gateway device. The ds18b20 can take power in two ways. The circuit […]

7805 based power supply with Voltage and current protection

7805 linear voltage regulator is an inexpensive solution. But the ic doesnt include any form of protection. So, the voltage and current protection should be externally added. There is high chance of reversing the polarity if you dont keep which wire is what. I did the same mistake and blown the aluminium electrolytic capacitors with […]